Chocolate with theine, a miraculous dessert produced in Quebec

Many people know the virtues of tea and are big consumers of it. However, very few are able to difference between the theine and the caffeine. At the molecular level the difference is ... nonexistent, in the sense that it is the same chemical formula. Its molecule was discovered in 1819, thanks to the German chemist Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge.

However, studies have confirmed that the two act differently in our organism. The researchers found two explanations :

  • THE QUANTITY. Normally, in a cup of tea there are three to four times less caffeine in a cup of coffee;
  • DIFFERENT ASSIMILATION. Theine is completely bioavailable - it passes directly into the blood.

The effects on our body are also different. Caffeine has an exciting effect that lasts between one and two hours after consumption. It is known that the consumption of coffee, in moderate doses, induces an improvement in concentration, morale and memory. These effects are felt to their fullest approximately 30 minutes after ingestion.

However, thecoffee abuse may cause effects very harmful pour la santé : problèmes cardio-vasculaires, insomnies, angoisses ainsi qu’une dépendance. Un autre effet secondaire indésirable du café est le fait que sa consommation entraîne une perte de calcium. La déminéralisation du corps et les risques de develop kidney stones are more obvious. Some studies have even shown that drinking coffee can raise our cholesterol levels! In short, coffee is one of the most consumed drugs in the world, with its pluses and minuses. It is, therefore, entirely justified that certain specialists recommend limiting its consumption to two cups per day.

Unlike the caffeine, theine has lessnegative effects. Although the stimulating effects are the most important, theine also has relaxing properties that make us relax. It is no wonder that tea has been used for a very long time by Buddhist monks to be able to meditate longer.

Another important point for theine is that the state of alertness lasts longer, without causing the feeling of euphoria.

Aware of beneficial aspects of tea for health, an entrepreneur of immigrant origin, had the brilliant idea of ​​producing chocolate with the theine in the heart of the National Capital.


« Replace your coffee with a delicious square of energizing chocolate.
The energy of tea, the pleasure of chocolate!

Mohammed Assafiri, Upbio

Of Lebanese origin, Mohammed Assafiri's dream was to become an engineer. After obtaining a diploma in Industrial Engineering at Laval University, he quickly realized his entrepreneurial qualities. His specific skills in project management led him to create UPBIO. He was noted, among other things, for his initiative to import dried mangoes from the Middle East. Mr. Assafiri is a very generous person, with great concern for the local community. He is part of the new generation of inspiring entrepreneurs, a model to stimulate the purchase of products made here, with courage and determination.

UPBIO offers us a wide range of products, chocolate with or without caffeine. More than a dozen flavors are available to satisfy the most refined tastes of its customers. Its products are pure Quebec happiness and represent the ideal gift for your family or your friends.

Vous pouvez commander en ligne à l’adresse upbio.ca

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